Creating a 'Little You' is as simple as:

Step into the scanning booth and pose while

89 Cameras and Processors capture your image in just seconds

(We often take multiple captures to get the best images and to give you choices)

You receive an email when your 3D prints are available to view online

Decide which prints you want to buy and pay for your order

(You see a 360 preview of the best scans we take. Pick the one(s) you love the most)

Receive your 3D print within weeks and share it with your friends

(3D prints are normally shipped in about 2 weeks after paying for your order)

Check out the 'Caring for your 'Little You' below




Options when you order:

  • Round Base - Using a base helps to support the figure and prevent it from tipping over. We highly recommend ordering a base with your 3D figure.

  • HD Touch-up - HD touch-up is required for all figures 10" and taller. It is also required when there are intricate details that need to be brought out in the 3D print, such as detail to jewelry, ruffles, hats, eyeglasses, musical instruments, sports equipment, intricate hair styles, etc. 

Caring for your 'Little You'

  • Your figure is a sand-cast figure and you need to take care in handling and displaying your 'Little You'.

  • Keep your print away from direct sunlight to help prevent fading of colors.

  • Avoid putting your figure where it will come into contact with water or moisture. Moisture can cause spotting and too much water will cause the material to break down. The Extra Coating helps, but it does not make the print water proof.

  • Your print is delicate and should be handled as such. Limbs or thinner items extended from the body are particularly fragile. Handling your print with care will help ensure you will have your 'Little You' for may years to come.