Q - How long does it take to take the 3D images?

A -  I takes less than a minute to help you get posed and the photo set is finished in less than a second.

Q - After the photo session, how long do I have to wait to get my own 'little me'?

A - After we take the 3D images, we check them for quality and, if good enough, approve them to be sent to you. After you place your order you should expect to receive your print in 2-3 weeks.

Q - What do you do for Quality Control to help ensure I get the best prints possible?

A - After you take your 3D photos, we check the quality to make certain it is good enough to send them to you. After you make your selection and place your order, we check the images a second time. During the second check, we prepare special instructions for the artists to help them understand any special touch up that we see is needed to make the print as complete and accurate as we can.

Q - Will my printed 'little me' be a perfect replica of me?

A - We know that nothing is ever perfect, but we do our best to get as close to perfect as possible. There is always chance for small imperfections. We have high standards for quality and want everyone to be pleased with their figurines. After you order, if we think the final product is not good enough, we will stop the printing and refund your payment.

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