Using 3D printing technology, we take a series of images in a fraction of a second that is used to  create a scaled figurine that replicates a smaller version of you (a little you).


You can own a 3D minisized figurine in a variety of sizes. Keep them for yourself or pass them on to others to keep your memories alive for generations.

Our portable scanning  booth is available to set up at:

  • conferences

  • conventions

  • sporting events

  • business offices

  • corporate functions

  • school events

  • special occasions, etc.


Use a 'Little You' of yourself or someone else as:


  • A unique and special gift for family and friends

  • A model to set on your desk to admire each day

  • A model of your child in their favorite sports attire

  • A cake topper

  • Art for the home

  • A tribute to a child's favorite sport

  • A tribute to a member of the armed services or first responders


No matter what drives you to create your 'Little You' or how you choose to use it, it preserves a memory for years to come.

About 3D Technology

President Barack Obama, declared in a State of the Union address that 3-D printing “has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost anything.”

While today 3D printing is commonly used in producing prototypes for new products and inventions, we producing 3D images that help folks preserve themselves or loved ones (family or pets) in a form that can be passed on for generations. We take 3D printing to a personal level where anyone can afford to create a 3D version of themselves, a family member or pet that they can cherish and share for years to come.

We are proud to be able to offer a service that helps to preserve an image of ones we love in a form that can be passed on to future generations. What grandparent wouldn't want a 3D miniature of their grandchildren? What parent wouldn't want a 3D figure of their children in their favorite sports attire? What person wouldn't want the most unique gift that anyone could imagine - the gift for someone that brings lasting memories and that is truly cherished.

What customers are saying...

"Thanks so much!! The statue came in the mail yesterday. It is Awesome!! "   Artrelle

"I absolutely love my little me."   Soror Shameka

"OH MY GAWD! I love my mini ME! It's incredible and amazing! Mine is so much more detailed then I thought it would be. Absolute amazing!... Julie

Make a little you...